Penang, Malaysia

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Penang has had a rich history of behind a busy port. Today, it is known as the food capital of Malaysia. Its Georgetown has been named an official UNESCO site and today a new generation visits it for its colorful street murals.

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Boring, but good for culture learning
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I personally think that Penang is a relatively mundane state, and shopping deals are not exactly great nor the best there. Major shopping malls have the usual retail outlets (i.e. Forever 21, Payless Shoesource, Parkson etc) and are pretty much the same; so you can expect pretty much the same deals everywhere.

If you are hoping for cheaper deals that result from the currency exchange rates, sorry to pop your bubble; but no such thing. Prices are pretty much uniform across countries for major retail outlets like Forever 21, H&M and Payless; hence not much difference in prices. i have to say that these retail outlets are WAY bigger than those that of Singapore, probably about twice or thrice in size; hence you can expect a wider variety of apparels.

Nevertheless; Penang, being more slow paced, is good for finding about the culture of Malaysians and assimilating into the lives of locals. Busier states like KL would probably be too happening such that you will be too caught up in the hustle and bustle for the city life to stop and find out about the cultural aspects.

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