9 Deals On Ezbuy's Global Super Sales 65eday - Up To 90% Discounts On Brands You Know

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Super savings with ezbuy’s 65eday


ezbuy flash friends sale

Brace yourselves for some rapid mouse-clicking action as your online cart gets filled to the brim… ’s annual sale is back and better than ever. Boasting more than 20 million products on sale from Korea, China, Taiwan and USA sellers, expect savings to go through the roof with discounts of up to 90% off.

Thrill seekers rejoice, as the exclusive will be updated daily from 31 May to 5 June. It’s like waking up to Christmas morning every day! A world of retail surprises await, but here are some of our hand-picked highlights to whet every shopaholics appetite.


Flash Deals


1. Original JBL E45BT Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone @ $125 (UP $239)


ezbuy flash friends sale Original JBL E45BT Bluetooth On-Ear Headphon

This sleek and sexy sound machine is serious business. Trusty JBL signature sound is delivered by powerful 40mm drivers, so you can enjoy maximum depth and richness of audio whether you’re rocking out to your favourite tunes or catching up on the latest flicks in your home cinema. 

With a comfy cushioned headset designed for optimum ergonomics, you can feel free to groove along to the beat, and they’ll stay put!

Original price: $239

Flash deal price: $125

Click to buy.


2. Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Leather @ $480.33 (UP $533.70)


ezbuy flash friends sale Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Leather

This gorgeous Michael Kors Jet Set tote is set to be your greatest companion in style. With a classy design available in a variety of hues, the spacious compartments lined by genuine cow leather will keep all your precious belongings safe. Carry it in your hand, slip it into the crook of your arm, or sling it over your shoulder.

Either way, it’ll make for a heavy-duty statement piece that stays in pristine condition for years to come.

Original price: $533.70

Flash deal price: $480.33

Click to buy.


3. Dibea D900 Rover Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Water Tank @ $188 (UP $322)


ezbuy flash friends sale Dibea D900 Rover Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Water Tank

Wipe out all the time and hassle of having a squeaky clean home by investing in this nifty robo-cleaner. With breakthrough technology that combines double the efficacy of both wet and dry mechanisms, this gadget will become your household hero. Just set it down to work its magic and not only will it vacuum, the built-in water tank mops up tiles and flooring of all sorts too!

Original price: $322

Flash deal price: $188

Click to buy.


4. Boomjoy P4 Spray Mop @ $19.90 (UP $59.90)


ezbuy flash friends sale Boomjoy P4 Spray Mop

Dipping, squeezing, and dragging a heavily soggy mop around is a nightmarish chore that leaves your body aching. Good news, though! It can now be a thing of the past, with a Boomjoy spray mop that’s equal parts handy and aesthetically impressive. Comes equipped with 360° swivel capability, two types of handles and a macromolecular refined water spout.

Original price: $59.90

Flash deal price: $19.90

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Friends Deals


Share the savings and share the joy when make use of ezbuy’s new Friends Deal* feature. If you and your pals have all set your sights on the same bargain, choose the deal as a group and snag your dream products for up to half the original price!

Share it with your friends via Facebook and Twitter and if you manage to gather enough people, the whole squad will be looking luxe for less. You can find out more about how the Friends Deal works .

Here are some of the fab finds that are part of this promo:

*Friends Deal are mobile-exclusive and can be found  or on the . 


5. Kumix Waffle Maker


ezbuy flash friends sale Kumix Waffle Maker

Waffles are a universal favourite, be it for a wholesome breakfast or 24/7 cravings. Whip up a fresh and aromatic batch yourself with this foolproof waffle maker. Sky’s the limit as you customise it to your liking with all the toppings and syrups that you love. The best part is when you realize it’ll all cost only a fraction of what hipster cafes usually charge!

Original price: $39

Friends deal price: $11.90

Click to buy.


6. Remax Proda Ice Cream Power Bank 


ezbuy flash friends sale Remax Proda Ice Cream Power Bank

Don’t let empty batteries drain your group outings of fun. Collect all the cheery shades of ice cream colours these adorable power banks come in!

Original price: $19.90

Friends deal price: $9.90

Click to buy.


7. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


ezbuy flash friends sale Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


Whether you’re brainstorming your bestie’s birthday gift or planning a pampering treat for a girls’ sleepover party, look no further than this sleeping mask. With moisturizing powers and a delicate lavender scent, you’ll wake up with 100% rejuvenated skin.

Original price: $49.19

Friends deal price: $26.36

Click to buy.


8. PS4 Hits Bundle


ezbuy flash friends sale PS4 Hits Bundle

Here’s one deal that’s hard to beat for any true-blue gamer: A Sony PS4 bundle pack that comes equipped with three of the most addictive games on the market. Round up the bros for an entire weekend of full-fledged gaming marathons. The only tough decision you’ll be making is which game to start first.

Original price: $499

Friends deal price: $399

Click to buy.


9. OGAWA Spa Massager


ezbuy flash friends sale OGAWA Spa Massager

Spa massages are undoubtedly a godsend, but they can also be terribly pricey. That’s why a handy home-spa tool like this will let you #TreatYourself in the comfort of your own home, whenever you fancy. Light vibrations stimulate collagen release and invigorate your skin while the loofah side exfoliates dead cells and unveils a natural glow.

Original price: $49

Friends deal price: $12.90

Click to buy.


Live Auctions


ezbuy flash friends sale live auction

Bidding starts at $1 for everything!

On top of the Flash Deals and Friends Deal bargains, look forward to live auctions on on 3-5 June where goodies will be up for grabs starting from $1. The full auction schedule can be found there and fastest fingers wins! 

There will be up to 30 products up for bidding, and our top picks include a , an , , and even a or  ! Smartphones and gaming consoles from a mere 100 cents each? It doesn’t get any better than this.


Super Deals All Day, Every Day


ezbuy flash friends sale

With the myriad of different deals and promotions ezbuy has to offer with its Global Super Sales, everyone can afford to shop til they drop. Stock up on fresh new garb with their . As a bonus, all apparel items will be shipped absolutely FREE once you hit $20 on your purchases!

ezbuy’s upgraded version of also entitles hardcore shoppers to a flat rate of just SGD2.99 to ship your parcel no matter the weight, size or quantity. Go nuts! Stock up your special wishlists with exclusive access to a whopping 4 million products available on Prime.

ezbuy flash friends sale

Beauty aficionados are in luck too as ezbuy recently launched their new : 100% authentic K-beauty favourites for up to 40% original prices!

As for shopaholics who just want to kick back and indulge in some retail therapy from the comfort of their own homes, browse the top local retailers within ezbuy’s and you could be unwrapping your new packages the very next day. How’s that for speedy delivery

Some other promotions and discounts include:

  • 12% Cashback for
  • $15 rebate for
  • Fellas, exchange your

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