Bedrock Bar & Grill - Celebrate Father's Day with Humongous Steaks!

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About Bedrock Bar & Grill


Bedrock Bar & Grill is located on the first floor of Pan Pacific Service Suites. If you're not too familiar with that building, don't worry its literally next to Somerset MRT. Bedrock has been piling up on accolades over the years, so they should ring a bell to foodies.

Some of these awards include "Singapore's Best New Restaurant 2010" by Singapore Tatler and "Singapore's Top Restaurant 2012" awarded by Wine & Dine. They are renowned for their fine selection of steaks.b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A9313-Copy-2.JPG
The dimmed down lighting provides a more classy feel that complements the classic wooden furnishing and custom-made plush leather booths.b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A9323-Copy.JPG
Although famous for their food, do remember the "bar" in their name. A big plus here is how you can revel in their full service whiskey bar while sinking your teeth into a juicy slab of steak. Bedrock has curated an exquisite selection of spirits made by small families and distillers in remote places like Scotland and Japan.

We can't really comment on the their bar though, as we were here to take a look at their Father's Day menu. We also made it a point to try out some of their other signature dishes for good measure.


The Food at Bedrock Bar & Grill


All dine-in diners are served complimentary fresh-from-the-oven pita, that is fluffy and light. If you sit near the oven, peek over the counter to see how the pitas look like when they first come out. They were inflated like a mini balloon till the air gradually left them and they flattened out before being served. I thought it was pretty kawaii!


Bedrock's special Father's Day Menu


Bedrock is currently having a special $38/$58 Father’s Day 3-Course Set Lunch where Dads get to eat free! (See more details at the bottom of this post) You can choose one item from each course from a selection of 4 starters, 3 mains and 3 sweets. If you're going for the seafood/poultry set it would cost $38, and if you're going for the steak as your main it's priced at $58.


The Starters at Bedrock


For appetizers, we recommend the Cured Ocean Trout, which has a generous portion of fresh trout, topped with fennel compote and a rich, flavourful spread of avocado. Such pleasure to my taste buds!
We also tried the Green Asparagus Bisque. The asparagus taste wasn't overwhelming and it was enjoyable to know we were inhaling vegetable goodness.


The Mains at Bedrock


We had the Baked Barramundi Fillet served with sea asparagus and tomato tapenade as one of our mains. The Barramundi Fillet was fresh but it's nothing fantastic. So we highly recommend getting the steaks instead while you're here.
If you’re wondering what that juicy, tender and extremely thick slab of steak is, remember its name - its called the 10oz Club Steak! Accompanied by green peas, kipfler potato and herb butter, this 10oz Club Steak is the thickest slab of mouth-watering goodness I’ve ever seen.

Not only is this steak incredible to look at, its also incredible value for money. As part of Bedrock’promotion, the lunch set which includes this 10oz Club Steak is priced at just $58++! 

The club steak was a good piece of steak, but I wouldn't say it was great. That would be the term reserved for the next steak.


The Other Signatures


At first glance, this dubious-looking piece of steak might come across as plain - especially after the visually amazing 10oz Club Steak. Don't let looks deceive you - this is really the star of the show.

This 10oz Bedrock Pepper Steak ($79) dished out with Black Peppercorn Sauce is one of Bedrock’s All-Time Signatures. It has now earned my title of simply to-die-for steak.

It was so generously rich in flavour that both of us actually preferred the steak without the Black Peppercorn Sauce. Words cannot express the euphoria I experienced as I slid each piece of this goodness into my mouth.

This steak has also single-handedly altered my mindset - excellent steaks don’t necessarily have to come attached with an over-the-top price tag. Because $79 for a quality steak like this is just an amazing bargain. Take my money please!

While my mouth was undergoing a mouth-gasm, a totally different war was raging in my brains. Should I eat less of this steak and save my stomach for Bedrock’s signature Mac & Cheese ($18)? We've heard a lot about this but we were skeptical. Because how good could a Mac & Cheese be?
A scoop of heaven

Our photo of their irresistible Mac & Cheese has already stolen so many of our instagram followers' hearts, it will probably steal yours too. Bedrock's signature M&C is made using Blue Cheese and 3 other secret ingredients.

It's baked and basked in such generous amounts of glorious truffle oil before being dished out. The truffle smell is extremely distinct that you'll be able to get a whiff of it even before you pick up your cutlery. Bryan and I both agreed this was THE best Mac & Cheese in the universe. This is a 100% must order whenever you're at Bedrock.


The Desserts


b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A9453-Copy.JPGDesserts consisted of a Warm Chocolate Pudding with vintage strawberry ice cream and Brandied Cherry and Almond Tart. The Warm Chocolate Pudding was just average.b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A9450-Copy.JPGI was disappointed with the Brandied Cherry and Almond Tart as it was overly dry.




While I usually end off my food reviews with a round-up of the good and the bad, Bedrock has made this difficult for me. Because in terms of food, ambiance and price - Bedrock has far exceeded my expectations. I left Bedrock radiating with satisfaction.

The only thing we found could be better were their desserts, but they were still not bad - just not good like their Club Steak or phenomenal like their Mac & Cheese and Bedrock Pepper Steak.

Their new set lunch menu is going to stick around for awhile. But the good news for you guys is come 14th June, Saturday, Bedrock is having a special promotion for Fathers. It's a great opportunity to pamper your superhero dad with a complimentary 3-course poultry set lunch at Bedrock worth $38++ as long as he dines in with 1 paying adult or 2 paying kids.


Current Promotions




1. Father's Day Set Lunch


This Father's Day, June 14th Saturday, Dad enjoys complimentary $38++ poultry set lunch with every 1 paying adult or 2 paying kids.


2. Bedrock's 3-Course Set Lunch Promotion


At $38++ (Poultry and Seafood) or $58++ (Steak)


Getting to Bedrock



Address: 96 Somerset Road, #01-05, Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, Singapore 238163
Reservations: 6238 0054
Email: [email protected]

It's connected to 313 so just walk over from Sommerset MRT.

This post was brought to you by Bedrock Bar & Grill

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