9 Unexpected Places In Singapore For A Pro-Looking Neon Light Portraiture Shoot

Neon light photoshoot in Singapore
Ordinary places for extraordinary neon light shots   When we think of neon lights, carnivals like Flashbang and Glowbeat come to mind. While such displays are cool, they’re hard to come by as they’re usually pop-ups. Instead of waiting for the next hipster market to come round, here are 9...
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14 Cycling Studios And Spin Classes In Singapore For Those Who Prefer Biking Indoors

Spin Class - studio biking pure fitness
Cycling studios and spin classes in Singapore   Spin classes aren’t new, but they’re becoming more popular among those hopping onto the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. It’s a rigorous and adrenaline pumping workout, and you don’t actually need to know how to ride a bike for it - because everything will...
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5 Bars In Singapore With Pub Quizzes And Trivia Nights That Beat Playing Poker Cards Again

Win prizes at Singapore's pub quizzes & trivia nights
Trivia nights and pub quizzes in Singapore   Image adapted from: @frhn We’ve all watched game shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? as a kid and wondered how we’d fare on the hot seat. Well, Singapore has plenty of trivia nights and pub quizzes to unleash your competitive,...
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8 Late-Night Karaoke Places In East Singapore Because Cabbing Home From Town Is Expensive

Teo Heng
Non-sleazy KTVs in the East of Singapore     Karaoke has been and always will be a favourite when it comes to group activities. Something about being in a dark room with a great sound system helps you wipe away all your inhibitions and sing your lungs out. Forget Grammy...
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Marsiling Park & Singapore Botanic Gardens Instawalk - Exploring Green Spaces Through Different Lenses

Instawalk Botanic Gardens - Cover Image
Instawalk Recap: Marsiling Park and Singapore Botanic Gardens   Although Singapore is often described to be a bustling metropolis with high-rise buildings dotting our skyline, we are never too far from the lush greenery that surrounds us. With so many pockets of green spaces around us, it is little wonder...
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Singapore Zoo, River Safari, and Jurong Bird Park Have 1-for-1 Offers To Jio Your Potential Date Or BFF Out

singapore zoo exclusive youth promotion
Photography spots at wildlife parks   Picture this: 9-year-old me with a backpack full of snacks, a disposable camera, and a good dose of insect repellent to boot. Where was I off to? None other than Singapore Zoo , which remains my favourite school excursion to date.  It’s been well...
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13 Best Lobangs in July 2018 - 12 for $12 Krispy Kreme, 70% Off Kate Spade, & Pizza Hut Buffet

July 2018 deals takoyaki buffet
Best deals and promotions in Singapore for July 2018   Image adapted from: Kushikatsu Tanaka SG The best part of the mid-year period is the Great Singapore Sale. While many stores are reaching the end of their sales seasons as we almost unknowingly ease into the second half of 2018,...
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17 New And Fun Things To Do In July 2018 - Hello Kitty Run, Pink Dot, & Singapore Cat Festival

50 cents festival 2018
Things to do in Singapore in July 2018   Image adapted from: @ttrishie So, the year has mysteriously come to its half-year mark. ALREADY. And while most of us are still going strong, we could all do with some mini breaks. There are no public holidays this July, but there...
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Catch The World Cup 2018 Live At CHIJMES With $49++ Beer Buckets & All-Night Happy Hour

CHIJMES world cup screening
Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 in Singapore   Image credits: @budweiser , CHIJMES, @jopia_production If you’re not planning to subscribe to cable TV anytime soon, then you’ll be scrambling to find a trustworthy site to stream the FIFA World Cup 2018 . But as luck would have it, live streaming...
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5 Fish Spas In Singapore From $10 To Shed Dead Skin & Overcome Your Fear Of Tickles

fish spa
Fish spas in Singapore   Image adapted from @masqwert  We heard of a fair number of strange beauty treatments , but having tiny fish slowly nibble at our feet would probably top our charts as the most bizarre. Known as Garra Rufa, these tiny fish eat away the dead skin...
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