10 Lesser-Known Rooftop Bars In Singapore's CBD To Siam The After Hours Crowds

Unique rooftop bars in Singapore   Image credit: @littlelionyj You can’t deny that bars are great for catching up with your friends, but when you’re looking for something a tad more special, rooftop bars have it all - from the chill alfresco setting along with sweeping views of Singapore’s skyline. ...
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7 Best Value-For-Money Student Meals In Singapore Available Even On Weekends

4 course thai student meal tom yum mama
Weekend student meals in Singapore   Image adapted from: Eatbook Balancing the costs of maintaining a social life on top of your miscellaneous spending can be tough as a student. Late-night study sessions mean bleeding out on snacks for sustenance, and a never-ending list of social obligations puts a strain...
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12 Hidden Wholesalers In Singapore For CNY Supplies Minus The Festive Mark-Ups

Caltex - sashimi cover
Wholesale retailers in Singapore   Image adapted from: Fassler Gourmet Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and everyone’s bustling around preparing for it. Whether it’s spring cleaning, hongbao -stuffing, or stocking up your fridge, it’s a pretty busy time. CNY means that you’ll probably have an entire village...
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Stärker Bistro Is Giving Away 600 Half Pints Of Beer On These Fridays With No Catch

Free beer at Stärker Bistro   Heading out for a meal with your buddies to usher in the weekend is a Friday-night tradition for many of us, and Stärker Bistro is giving us all the more reason to celebrate. From 12 January , Stärker Bistro will be giving away  ...
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We Found A Rare HALAL Mala Hot Pot Stall Hidden In Paya Lebar Square's Basement

Halal Mala Hot Pot 1
Halal Mala Hot Pot in Singapore   Mala hot pot has been all the rage for awhile now. For the uninitiated, Mala hot pot follows the yong tau foo concept where you get to pick your own choice of ingredients -  except that instead of clear soup, your taste buds...
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New Cafes And Restaurants In January 2018 - Salted Egg Lava Polo Buns, Hawaiian Pancakes & Preservative-Free Bubble Tea

A new year, a fresh diet (1) - Hokkaido cheese toast cover
A new year, a fresh diet   Image adapted from: Say Chiizu As 2018 is now upon us, we’re most likely filled to the brim from eating all the holiday goodies through Christmas and New Year’s. But hey, food is life and we can always make room for a little...
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7 Over The Top Seafood Dishes In Singapore That Are Only Available At Selected Hawker Centres

hawker seafood
Affordable hawker seafood feasts   Image adapted from: Eatbook There’s no doubting Singaporeans’ love for seafood. We’re willing to fork out three digit sums at fancy restaurants just for a taste of that sweet piscine flesh. And these places are often packed to the brim - a testament to just...
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9 Quirky Cocktails Found At Singapore's Bars - Bacon Vodka, Chicken Rice Cocktail, & Wasabi Salt Choc Martini

nacho cheese cocktail ah sam cold drink stall
Savoury cocktails in Singapore    Image adapted from: Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall For those of us who regularly hit the bar, perusing cocktail menus can be a mundane affair especially after seeing familiar concoctions like “Mojito” and “Bloody Mary” for the millionth time. Those who don’t have a particularly...
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12 Singaporean Food Gifts At The Airport That Your Homesick Friends Abroad Miss More Than Your Company

singapore local hawker food souvenir
Singaporean food gifts by local brands   It's quite hard to believe that anyone's love for food trumps that of Singaporeans. After all, as self-proclaimed foodies, our culinary scene is something we're all incredibly proud of - you could even say it makes up a good portion of our national...
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8 Full-Course Christmas Set Meals In Singapore Under $38 That Show Festive Menus Aren't Always Pricey

Affordable Christmas set meals 2017 Singapore
Cheap Christmas set meals in 2017   Image credit: 1919 Waterboat House‎ ‘Tis the season to put on holiday weight ...okay, we kid. But Christmastime definitely is a period for feasting; Not just to celebrate the end of a year, but also to spend some quality time with your nearest...
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