10 Reinvented Versions Of Traditional Singaporean Breakfast Where Old-School Meets New

coffee break taro toast
Unique kopi and toast breakfasts in Singapore   Image credit: @cknomnom While the usual brunch of eggs benedict and pancakes is a great way to start the morning with, there are times we just strip it back old-school, and get some good ol’ traditional breakfast fare into our systems -...
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8 Heartland Bars In Singapore With Affordable Beer Towers From As Low As $36

Cheap heartland beer towers (1) - 3L tower for $44!
Cheap beer in the heartlands under $60     Image adapted from: 283 Cafe We all need to unwind and have a beer with our kakis once in a while, though meeting in town is not always ideal when everyone’s busy. The next best thing to do is to meet...
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10 Fine Dining Restaurants In Singapore With Limited Time Full Course Meals For $50

cheap fine dining singapore
Affordable fine dining with DBS Lifestyle   Unless you’re rolling in dough, fine dining is a scary prospect for most of us to think about. But it’s a shame to miss out on Singapore’s entire fine dining scene, considering our island is home to top-notch restaurants like Min Jiang, La...
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9 Cheap Steamboats At Hawker Centres From $5.90 For Your Big Squad Dinners

cover image coconut steamboat
Cheap steamboat stalls in Singapore’s hawker centres   While most people believe high-quality meals and restaurants go hand in hand, a solid steamboat meal doesn't always have to set you back >$40 per person.  We've compiled a list of super affordable hawker-centre steamboats with food so good, it'll put some...
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10 Latest Happy Hour Promotions In Singapore That Reward OT Warriors For Staying Late

Michael's bar and grill
Late night Happy Hour promotions    Late-night drinks are proven to bond people together - but having this much fun just cannot happen if you’ve to OT last minute, especially when most of the best Happy Hour deals happen earlier in the night.  But not to worry workaholics, there’s hope...
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6 Super Cheap Boat Noodles Served In Mini Bowls For You To Relive Your BKK Days

Authentic Thai boat noodles in Singapore   Image credit:  porterfetch ,  Noodle Cafe ,  Wei Zhi Chiang ,  @explodingbelly ,  @guoshengz ,  @rynnanana We’re constantly hankering for a quick getaway to the Land of Smiles, but while we can’t always whisk ourselves away on a whim, we can definitely get...
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7 Bars in Singapore With FREE Bar Bites For Every Drink Order To Get Your Money's Worth

free bar food tap craft beer bar
Get free food with your drink at these bars in Singapore   Even when you’re absolutely dying for an ice cold pint after work and want to make last call for happy hour, you know you’ve got to at least grab a snack before you get your drink on. After...
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11 Cheap And Good Hawker Stalls In Orchard Under $6.60

salted fish claypot rice cuppage plaza
Affordable food in Orchard Road   Spending a Saturday out in town could easily mean spending a hefty amount of cash, with food taking up at least half of that. But while Orchard Road usually screams expensive in every way - the shopping already costs us a pretty penny -...
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New Cafes And Restaurants In October 2017 - Miffy Pop-Up Cafe And Timbre's New Hawker Centre

New eateries in Singapore this October   Image adapted from: @m.renuka With 3 months left in the year, many of us are already looking forward to 2018. But with new eateries popping up all around Singapore, there’s something to look forward to every month. From edible glitter in glass bulbs...
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Mikuni's Senpai Chefs Will Flood Your IG Stories With Mad Skills Behind Sushi, Teppanyaki & Robatayaki Stations

Mikuni fairmont
Mikuni at Fairmont Singapore   From ramen to sushi, Japanese food may seem like a been-there-done-that cuisine for us food-loving Singaporeans. And although these days Japanese food can be found in almost every shopping mall, it’s disheartening to hear from friends who’ve recently traveled to Nihon that Japanese food in...
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