Grand Hyatt Singapore Has Teh Tarik And Acai Berry Truffle Mooncakes To Impress Colleagues

grand hyatt mooncakes
Grand Hyatt Singapore's Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2018    This Mid-Autumn festival, Grand Hyatt Singapore is pampering us with a refreshing selection of mooncake flavours like Acai Berry , Black Sesame and Teh Tarik that you will love to have at your upcoming Mid-Autumn gathering. Especially if you’re looking to...
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100PLUS Zero Has A Limited Edition Marble Tumbler That Will Turn Heads In Office

100PLUS Zero Sugar
100PLUS Zero Sugar - For your daily hydration   More often than not, I drink water because I have to - not because I like glugging tasteless, lukewarm liquid. As someone who relishes sugary drinks and bubble tea, the taste of water just doesn’t quite cut it. And that’s when...
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6 Food Products From FairPrice housebrand For High SES Taste Buds On A Budget

FairPrice Housebrand - Cover
FairPrice housebrand products   Step into FairPrice stores and you’ll open a gateway to a wealth of necessities, supplies and, of course, food. While ol’ fav’ brands are great, sometimes, we just need something that’s lighter on the wallet while staying heavy on the quality. Stacked all over FairPrice are...
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5-Star Hotels Offering 50% Off Restaurant Buffets In April So You Can Whack Without Splurging

marina mandrin singapore 50% discount off dinner
50% off dinner buffets in April 2018   Image adapted from: Meritus Hotels Hotel buffets are an indulgence that most of us are only able to enjoy on special occasions. Even then, the hefty price tag still stings the wallet and the temptation to ta pau food home to make...
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Co+Nut+Ink - Chatuchak's Secret Coconut Ice-Cream & Drinks Recipe Is Now Available At Somerset

conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic
Co+Nut+Ink has coconut ice-cream and drinks   It’s sweltering hot walking down the streets of Orchard Road. And while many of us crave a sweet treat that’s hydrating, it’s difficult to find something healthy that’s guilt-free to consume. Thankfully, Co+Nut+Ink offers just the right fix. Located along the streets of...
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5 Super “WOW” Cocktail Experiences In Singapore That Deserve Boomerangs From All Angles

cocktail ferris wheel punch bowl singapore antidote
Insta-worthy cocktail experiences in Singapore   Here in Singapore, cocktails may be associated with the high life, but that doesn’t mean we should be shying away from them entirely. After a hard day's work, there's nothing like sipping on a few fancy concoctions with your pals and taking boomerangs or...
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Fragrance's Premium Bak Kwa Flavours Such As Kurobuta Pork Will Make Those Calories Worthwhile

Fragrance Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year       Many of us have our bak kwa favourites. Pop a slice of your favourite bak kwa in your mouth and revel in the taste: the best bak kwa taste best crisp and slightly charred, chewy with an undeniably meaty flavour....
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6 Limited-Time Dishes From Pizza Hut's CNY Menu To "Jia Liao" For Last Minute Guests

Pizza Hut’s new super huat delivery items   It’s that time of the year for humongous gatherings with your family, friends, extended relatives, classmates, ex-classmates… you catch the drift. With so many people flowing in and out of the house it's hard to keep track of who you jio -ed...
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Stärker Bistro Is Giving Away 600 Half Pints Of Beer On These Fridays With No Catch

Free beer at Stärker Bistro   Heading out for a meal with your buddies to usher in the weekend is a Friday-night tradition for many of us, and Stärker Bistro is giving us all the more reason to celebrate. From 12 January , Stärker Bistro will be giving away  ...
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We Found A Rare HALAL Mala Hot Pot Stall Hidden In Paya Lebar Square's Basement

Halal Mala Hot Pot 1
Halal Mala Hot Pot in Singapore   Mala hot pot has been all the rage for awhile now. For the uninitiated, Mala hot pot follows the yong tau foo concept where you get to pick your own choice of ingredients -  except that instead of clear soup, your taste buds...
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