Quirky Mahjong Sets Found In Singapore To Up Your Huat This CNY

Unique mahjong sets Singapore
Unique mahjong sets in Singapore   Image adapted from: @cokelparty1 , With Chinese New Year round the corner, some of us are counting on our mad skills - or Lady Luck - to earn some quick cash through the annual late night gambling sessions. This year, you can kick...
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8 New Party Games To Play During CNY Gatherings Without Needing Poker Cards

cny party games
Chinese New Year reunion games   During Chinese New Year, it’s standard practice to meet up with friends and extended relatives that we haven’t met in ages. Chit chat and small talk can be a painful process, so a little icebreakers always help to make way for easier and less...
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8 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories In Singapore - Phantom MRT Stations, Secret Tunnels & Alien Sightings

singapore conspiracy
Weird conspiracies in Singapore   Conspiracy theories. Some thrive on 'em, some are skeptics. But they go beyond the possibility of Beyonce being the Illuminati kween , and the government being run by a horde of lizard people - and Singapore isn't spared either.  From our stray cats being spies...
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10 Epic Unsolved Crimes In Singapore's History From As Early As 1972 Fit For A CSI Remake

Unsolved Crimes - Cover Image
True Singapore crime stories      Image adapted from: Lose Weight and Gain Health Despite her young age, Singapore has had her fair share of unsolved crimes from bone-chilling murders to vanishing acts. Black marks on our little red dot, these real-life whodunits have baffled Singaporeans as no one knows...
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7 Free Online Courses By Top Companies Like Google To Zhng Your Resume

Free online courses to zhng your resume   Image credit: Pixar In A Box Once, you were a wide-eyed 16-year-old who believed that poly would prepare you for what lies beyond - the working world. But here’s the sad truth: what you learn in school sometimes just isn’t enough to...
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9 Unwritten Rules Of NS For Every Singaporean Recruit To "Win" At BMT

singapore bmt tekong unwritten rules
BMT guide for NSFs   BMT can be a confusing rite of passage for “Every Singaporean Son”. I mean, we all know the basics – meet all your timings, make sure your uniforms are super neat, and don’t get caught using your handphone after lights out. But beyond the obvious,...
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6 Platforms For Singaporeans To Earn Money In School While Pursuing Their Passions

The Singapore Army
Jobs for Poly/ITE students   Whether it's playing your part to help out with the household utilities, or just earning a little bit more for your personal spending on the side, part-time jobs are something most of us consider to tide through our school days. They're also great at giving...
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10 Lovey Dovey Things You Used To Do As A Teenager You’d Be Paiseh About Today

SBS Bus ticket hearts
Things we did for puppy love   Oh, puppy love. From writing our crush’s names a million times in our diaries, to signing in and out of MSN Messenger just to catch their attention, it’s an unavoidable rite of passage we all had to go through during teenagehood.  Of course,...
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8 Countries Singaporeans Talk About Migrating To All The Time - Ranked By Costs Of Moving There

best countries to migrate to
Migrating to your dream city   As much as we love Singapore, most of us have, at some point, dreamt of just packing up and moving to somewhere new and exciting. Unfortunately, getting a grasp of just how much it costs to buy a house overseas and getting an idea...
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10 Public Transport Hacks For Singaporeans To Legally Cheat The System

bugis mrt toilet hacks
Public transport tips & tricks    Like most Singaporeans, I have a love-hate relationship with our public transport system. For all the times I had to endure standing shoulder to shoulder with the smelly dude next to me, there are also blissful times when I could gaze at scenic sights...
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