12 Halal Restaurants And Cafes In Tokyo Sorted By Location For Muslim Travellers

Halal Tokyo - Cover Image
Halal food in Tokyo   Image adapted from:  @timecity Travelling to Tokyo unlocks a manga arc’s worth of exhilarating activities , unique experiences , and most importantly, oishii food . But in a land where most dishes are topped with glistening slices of pork or laced with alcohol, Muslim tourists...
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5 Gorgeous Philippine Islands To Explore That Boracay Is Temporarily Closed To Tourists

Philippine island escapes that are not Boracay
Philippine island escapes that are not Boracay   Image adapted from (clockwise from top-left): @jjustmayalittle , , @rv_lakwatsiro , @baldwincsantos  Boracay is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Philippines. But while the island’s fine white shores and vibrant nightlife have been going strong, there’s a great...
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7 Luxury Hotels In Penang From $65/Night To Maximise Exchange Rate Perks

Hard rock hotel sg vs penang
Affordable luxury chain hotels in Malaysia, Penang   Image adapted from: Hard Rock Hotel Penang Penang aka The Peal Of The Orient never fails to be a return holiday spot for tourists, and rightfully so. We’ve already shown you why it’s hailed as the food capital of Malaysia and what...
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5 Dream Universities In Seoul That Are Accepting Exchange Applications From Singaporean Students

Prettiest Korean universities Seoul
Universities in Seoul, Korea with amazing architecture   Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): Trip Today ,  @hiuyan_sadonna ,  University of Buffalo OIA ,  Deakin University Study Abroad Did someone say Korea? Sorry, I heard KBBQ, cosmetics and oppas. Teehee. South Korea is the perfect destination with delicious food...
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Phuket Guide For Things To Do In 2018 - Beaches, Private Boat Hires, and Night Markets

Things to do in Phuket
Things to do in Phuket   Image adapted from:  @iuliia.prokudina Phuket - the land of pristine white beaches and clear blue waters. Yet, as tranquil as it may seem, Phuket is just as notorious for its clubbing scene and nightlife activities. With so much to do in one city, it’s...
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13 New JB Cafes To Make A Day Trip For In 2018

New JB cafes
New cafes in Johor Bahru   Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): @imszeyee , @cerynthum , @chongwei_yow , @tanjadenn It’s been over 2 years since we’ve compiled a JB cafe guide , and it goes without saying that since then, many new ones have sprouted across the Causeway. If...
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7 Hello Kitty-Themed Hotel Rooms In Asia From $31/Night Perfect For Sanrio Lovers

Hello Kitty hotels near Singapore
Hello Kitty hotels near Singapore   Image credit: Expedia Young girls and adult women alike squeal at the sight of her. They queue for hours, overnight even, just to get their paws on her merchandise. Even Avril Lavigne wrote a song inspired by her. She’s none other than Hello Kitty,...
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Krabi Guide For Things To Do In 2018 - Island Hopping, Hidden Waterfalls, & Cafes

things to do in krabi 2018
Krabi holiday guide    Image adapted from:  @joyzels and  soul-searchingjourneys If your definition of a perfect holiday includes laying back on pristine white sand with your sunnies and a coconut in hand, or getting up close with corals and fishes, Krabi is a place you cannot miss. Here’s a complete...
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8 Themed Hotels In Bangkok Under $100 That Are More Than A Shopping Drop Off Point

Themed bangkok hotels - sheep hotel
Themed hotels in Bangkok   Image credit: Expedia Ah , Bangkok - the millennial Singaporean’s home away from home. But with all the repeated trips packed full with food and shopping , we might yearn for something a little more the next time we pop by. And that’s where these...
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Scoot Is Giving All NTUC Members Special Travel Benefits Till End Of 2018

scoot promotions 2018
Scoot promotion for NTUC members     There’s no denying that the Land of Down Under ranks high on the list of top travel destinations. With the exchange rate being nearly 1:1, you get the feeling of being in an ang moh country without having to double the digits everytime you...
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