10 Things To Do In Kuantan - Chop Chop Malaysian Getaway Just An Hour & $42 Flight From Singapore

things to do in kuantan
Affordable things to do in Kuantan   Image adapted from: @dexhwe10 When it comes to affordable getaways, most Singaporeans immediately think of a staycation or a trip to JB. The furthest you’d travel may be to KL - but even going there for a 2 day trip can be a...
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10 Secret Bars In Bangkok Hidden Behind Phone Booths, In Alleys & Railway Carriages

Hidden Bars In Bangkok   If nightclubs, rooftop bars, and ladyboy shows are all you can think about when it comes to Bangkok’s nightlife activities, you are officially a “more-than-typical-tourist”. For your next trip, add a little thrill to your experience by hunting down secret bars that are found in...
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10 Reasons To Visit Jinan - The Quaint Small Town With Kyoto Vibes Unlike Any Big Chinese City

Fun things to do in Jinan China
Things to do in Jinan   So you’ve been to Beijing and Shanghai, and you think you’ve seen enough of what China has to offer - it’s loud, bustling, and cities are so similar they start to blend into each other. But ditch your preconceptions, and sidestep the big cities...
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Telunas Resorts 3D2N Itinerary - Secret "Maldives" Near Singapore With Separate Islands For Nua-ing & Beach Activities

Telunas Resorts (1) - Cover collage
2-in-1 beach holiday at Telunas Resorts   There are two kinds of people in this world: the nua -ers and the gung-ho ones - both of whom you’re bound to find in any friend group. And there’s nothing more painful than planning a holiday that would cater to both personality...
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12 Gorgeous Places In Kanchanaburi So Untouched By Tourists, You'll Need Google Translate All The Time

live in a pineapple house
Things to do in Kanchanaburi   When it comes to Thailand getaways, most instinctively think of Bangkok , Chiang Mai , or Phuket as go-to destinations. If you’ve already paid a visit to these places, you may be wondering where else you can go in the Land of Smiles.  Only...
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Once Upon A Time Cafe & Boutique - Millennial Pink Cafe In JB With "Style Nanda" Vibes

Once Upon A Time Cafe & Boutique at Johor Bahru
Once Upon A Time Cafe & Boutique at Johor Bahru   Most of us girls would've played with Barbie dolls as kids and marvelled at her pink toy mansion, secretly hoping that someday, we too would get to live a house in all shades of pink. We’ve since grown up...
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12 Dazzling Places In Hyderabad That Will Make You Break Into 12 Different Disney Movie Soundtracks

hyderabad india disney castles
Places in Hyderabad to act out your Disney fantasy   Watching a Disney film is a magic ticket to a flurry of emotions; whether you’re laughing to the Emperor’s New Groove or crying to the opening of Up. With over 700 movies to date, you’re guaranteed to be transported to...
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7 Korean Tattoo Artists In Seoul Who Trended On Instagram With These Unique Styles

korean tattoo artists seoul
Instagram tattoo artists from Seoul   Image adapted from  (clockwise from top left):    @tattooist_banul , @hugotattooer , @pitta_kmm , @soltattoo , @woolovesyou , @ilwolhongdam Aside from K-pop and K-dramas , South Korea is also known for its popular - albeit underground - tattoo scene. Getting tatted in Seoul is...
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The Dreamliner Airways Cafe - Airplane-Themed Cafe In JB Just 20 Minutes From The Checkpoint

The Dreamliner Airways Cafe in Johor Bahru
The Dreamliner Airways Cafe in Johor Bahru   We all know that airplane food isn’t really the sort that will tempt taste buds - but this one “airline” will break that stereotype. Well, you won’t actually be getting 30,000 feet off the ground here, but The Dreamliner Airways Cafe -...
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10 Famous Street Food Stalls In Bangkok That Singaporean Tourists Have Yet To Discover

Best Bangkok street foods   Bangkok has become almost like a second home to many Singaporeans, because we simply can’t get enough of everything there - from the night markets to the shopping, and of course, the food. In fact, we could probably navigate some parts of BKK with our...
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