5 High-Priority Things Singaporeans Can Do For A Headstart Before Studying In Australia

University pre-departure guide   Freshies, we've already got you covered with our lowdown on university hacks and survival guide to living in Australia - but we gotta make sure you have the pre-departure prep down pat too. To give you a little nudge in the right direction, here are 5...
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8 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories In Singapore - Phantom MRT Stations, Secret Tunnels & Alien Sightings

singapore conspiracy
Weird conspiracies in Singapore   Conspiracy theories. Some thrive on 'em, some are skeptics. But they go beyond the possibility of Beyonce being the Illuminati kween , and the government being run by a horde of lizard people - and Singapore isn't spared either.  From our stray cats being spies...
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8 DIY Pest Control Hacks Every Singaporean Has Learnt Well From Their Mothers

eggshells for lizards
DIY Pest Control Methods   Whether big or small, creepy crawlies never fail to send some of us in a screeching frenzy when spotted - be it sneaky lizards waiting to attack or ants crawling all over that cake you might have been saving for dessert. Eek.  While we know...
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My Journey Inside The Inner Circle - The New Exclusive Dating App to Hit Singapore

the inner circle review
The Inner Circle   I never had much luck with dating apps, and my first dates were usually tragic.  Until one night, as I wailed to my friend Rachel about how I’d never find a good man, she suggested, “Try The Inner Circle .” “It’s new in Singapore. The staff...
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Tiger Beer Is Flying Your Loved Ones Back To Singapore This CNY So You Won't Have To Settle For A Facetime Reunion

Tiger Beer promotion The Reunion Project how to bring your loved one back from overseas
Making Chinese New Year 2018 count   Image credit: Kimberly Wong Family chats on social platforms, regular video calls, and that inescapable sense of longing when you have an empty seat at the table at every festive occasion or birthday celebration. That’s the kind of life you grow accustomed to...
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7 Things That Happen In Pre-Schools That Parents Need To Know About

My First Skool 13
Things you never knew about preschools   While some admire school teachers for their intelligence and immeasurable patience, I envy them most for how seemingly good their job looked. What can possible beat the fun of playing with kids and pasting “well done!” stickers on their worksheets?  Well, that was...
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I'm A Heavy Smoker & This Is How I Went From 15 To 5 Cigarettes A Day In Less Than A Week

nicorette invisi transdermal patch
Quit smoking before 2018   Ask any smoker why they picked up the habit and be prepared for a barrage of reasons - stress, peer-pressure, curiosity, well , you get the point. If you think those reasons are as smoky as the habit itself, don’t get me started on the...
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10 Epic Unsolved Crimes In Singapore's History From As Early As 1972 Fit For A CSI Remake

Unsolved Crimes - Cover Image
True Singapore crime stories      Image adapted from: Lose Weight and Gain Health Despite her young age, Singapore has had her fair share of unsolved crimes from bone-chilling murders to vanishing acts. Black marks on our little red dot, these real-life whodunits have baffled Singaporeans as no one knows...
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7 Free Online Courses By Top Companies Like Google To Zhng Your Resume

Free online courses to zhng your resume   Image credit: Pixar In A Box Once, you were a wide-eyed 16-year-old who believed that poly would prepare you for what lies beyond - the working world. But here’s the sad truth: what you learn in school sometimes just isn’t enough to...
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I Went On A Date With My Most Compatible Horoscope Match (Virgo Man/Cancer Woman) And This Is How It Went

A date with my perfect match based on horoscope
A date with my perfect match based on horoscope   When I was younger, I used to flip through issues of Teenage just to read up on what fortune and luck lay in store for my horoscope in the departments of homework, relationships, or friendships that month. This obsession then...
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