10 Taiwanese Homestays Under $100 To Experience The Countryside Idol Dramas Are Made Of

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A Homestay Away From Home


Taiwan’s not known as the ‘Heart of Asia’ for nothing - the abundance of delectable street food, gorgeous scenery, glitzy bustling cities and warm, friendly people draw so many of us there year after year.

On your next trip to Taiwan, experience that trademark Taiwanese hospitality by forgoing the luxury of a hotel. The minsu (homestay) experience in Taiwan is unlike any other, and there are thousands of wonderful locals all around the island just waiting to welcome you into their beautiful, cozy homes. The best part is, you won’t even feel a pinch in your pocket. Here’s a list of 10 amazing homestay places in Taiwan that will leave your hearts full and your wallet happy!


- Nantou -


1. Ting Tau Garden Resort Bungalow


Ting Tau Garden Resort Bungalow homestay

Ting Tau Garden Resort Bungalow homestaty

This amazing B&B is designed to make you feel like you’re one with nature, and the design and amenities are so wonderful you might almost start to wonder if you’re staying in a luxury eco resort. However, unlike the feeling of foreignness we all experience when staying in hotels, the hospitality you’ll receive from the hosts and staff at Ting Tau Garden Resort will make you feel right at home.

This cozy minsu is within close proximity of attractions in Nantou such as the Xitou Monster Village, Xitou Forest Recreation Area, Bamboo Cultural Hall and Shima Park. There’s also tons of scenic areas and multiple waterfalls to explore all around.

Ting Tau Garden Resort Bungalow
Price: From SGD 87/Night 
Address: No.1-12, Aixiang Rd. Lugu Nantou County 


2. Palm Villa Guesthouse 


This scenic guesthouse is set amidst the pastoral beauty of Jiji Town, Nantou, where grand mountain ranges, palm tree plantations, and tranquil paddy fields can all be found in your backyard. This homestay has a fresh, balmy feel, and the 10 comfortable guestrooms are designed to emulate a woody countryside lodge. There’s even a homey common dining area where you’ll get to spend time with the lovely hosts and other guests.

Palm Villa Guesthouse is located within walking distance of Dazhongye Temple, Jiji Old Street, Jiji Night Market and Wuchanggong Temple. You could also just relax and unwind in nature by taking a leisurely walk through the rustic landscapes of the homestay and its surrounds.

Palm Villa Guesthouse
Price: From SGD 85/Night 
Address: No.60, Gongguan Lane, Jiji, Nantou County, Taiwan, ‏‎800 1205131 


- Chiayi -


3. Ruili Walk Cloud B&B 


Ruili Walk Cloud B&B homestay

A stay here will have you walking on clouds! This lovely B&B is perched right on the top of a hill overlooking the majestic forests and mountain ranges of Chiayi. The guestrooms are reminiscent of a cosy mountain lodge, and you’ll be able to wake up to crisp mountain air and the landscape of rolling hills with the clouds beneath your feet.

Ruli Walk Cloud B&B is located near the charming Fenchihu Old Town, where you could take a couple of days to explore when you’re not getting lost in the natural beauty of the homestay’s surrounds.

Ruili Walk Cloud B&B
Price: From SGD 95/Night
Address: No.15 Kezilin, Ruili Village, Meishan, Chiayi County 603, Taiwan 


- Yilan -


4. Sweetlight B&B 


Sweetlight B&B is a whimsical countryside manor that almost contradicts itself. The interior is adorned with grandiose furniture, but it still manages to retain the charm of a comforting homestay. The lovely swing on the front porch makes a perfect spot to spend evenings pretending you’re in a fairytale, and there’s even a barbeque pit for groups and families to spend quality time together.

Sweetlight B&B is within close proximity to the Lanyang Museum, Jiaoxi Hot Spring, Yilan Night Market and Jimmy Square. The homestay is also surrounded by the natural beauty of Yilan’s mountain ranges and paddy fields.

Sweetlight B&B
Price: From SGD 96/Night
Address: No.126-5 Malin Road, Jiaoxi Town, Yilan 262, Taiwan 


5. Hao Wang Jiao Homestay


This garden fantasy glass house is what dreams are made of - the guestrooms all have unique themes that give them so much character, and you’ll even be able to take a nice hot bubble bath as you admire the romantic view of Lanyang come nightfall. There’s also a beautifully decorated common room and a cosy rooftop with the best views of the Lanyang flatland.

Hao Wang Jiao Homestay is well connected to tourist attractions such as the Taipingshan Area, Pi Long Lake Scenic Area, Qingshui Dire Park, Bee Family Bee Ecology Museum and Artemis Park.

Hao Wang Jiao Homestay
Price: From SGD 87/Night Address: No.46 Yulan, Songluo Village, Datong, Yilan County, Taiwan 


6. Delise’s House


Delise’s House is Snow White’s cottage come to life. Peachy colours and warm tones give this homestay a cosy feel, and the host Delise is said to be one of the warmest and loveliest people guests have met.

Delise’s House is just a stone’s throw away from attractions such as the Luodong Night Market, Dongshan River Waterpark and the National Centre for Traditional Arts. You’ll also be able to arrange trips to Taiping Mountain with ease.

Delise's House
Price: From SGD 48/Night
Address: No.12 Alley 1, Lane 103, Sec. 2, Qinhe Rd., Wujie Town, Yilan 268, Taiwan 


- Xinbei -


7. Happy House B&B 


Happy House B&B homestay

With its sleek and urban-chic design, this B&B is sure to appeal to the minimalist in you. The whitewashed walls, calming grey tones and modern embellishments that characterise this B&B is definitely a sight for sore eyes after a tiring day of travelling.

Happy House B&B is conveniently located near to the bus and metro station, and you can easily get to jiufen and shifen where you’ll be transported to the magical world of Spirited Away. It’s also within walking distance of Songde Park, Gongzi Liao Fort and Miaokou Night Market.

Happy House B&B
Price: From SGD 80/Night
Address: 1F, No.1-1 Tielu Lane, Minquan Street, Ruifang District, Xinbei 224, Taiwan


- Taipei -


8. Kali Inn


Kali Inn combines the best of both worlds - it has the atmosphere of a cosy homestay, but the pricing of a hostel bed. The dorm rooms are tastefully furnished with storybook-like furniture and painted with warm pastel tones, and the chic common area is a wonderful place for mingling with the hosts and making new friends.

Kali Inn is located in Wanhua, the oldest area in Taipei City. This makes exploring the rows of historic buildings and cultural landmarks really convenient, and it is only a 15 minute walk away from Taipei’s iconic Ximending Night Market. Kali Inn is also situated just 5 minutes away from Longshan Temple Metro Station.  

Kali Inn 
Price: From SGD 19/Night for a bed in a mixed dorm
Address: 2F., No.95-3, Guangzhou St., Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan 10851


- Hualien -


9. White Palace B&B


This is a homestay fit for kings and queens, but you can be sure that it comes at a peasant’s price. This countryside manor in Hualien is elegantly decorated with classy furniture and wares while retaining the rustic flavour of a homey B&B.

White Palace B&B is within close proximity to Hualien’s major attractions such as the Ziqiang Night Market, the Hualien city centre, the majestic coastline of Qixingtan Beach and multiple scenic trails and drives. The B&B is also surrounded by astounding natural beauty, and you can even admire the view of the mountain ranges from your window.

White Palace B&B
Price: From SGD 81/Night
Address: No.31 Bei'an Street, Ji'an Town, Hualien 973, Taiwan


10. Echo Villa


This minsu is the luxury treehouse you’ve always wanted to live in. No detail is spared in the intricately designed interior, and you’ll get to live so close to nature that you won’t ever want to leave.

Echo Villa is located within close proximity to the Yenpin Prefectural Temple, Tzu Chi Cultural Park, Ziqiang Night Market, Tianhuitang and Sibao Hot Spring. You’ll easily be able to arrange day tours to Hualien’s beautiful tourist destinations with the hosts of Echo Villa.

Echo Villa
Price: From SGD 88/Night
Address: NO. 21 Guofu St., Hualien 97078, Taiwan 


- BONUS: Miaoli -


11. Olive Tree Minsu


Olive Tree Minsu

This is easily the cutest homestay in Taiwan and it just had to make the list! A stay here will transport you straight into the scenes of your favourite Taiwanese/Korean dramas - the warm woody interior, quaint little trinkets adorning every corner, fresh flower gardens and vibrant hues all come together to create the most whimsical, charming minsu you’ll ever see.

Olive Tree Minsu is located near Miaoli’s major attractions such as Nanzhuang Old Street, Penglai Creek Nature Park, Xianshan mountains and Baguali Tribal Village, and day trips can be easily arranged to the scenic areas of Shibi and Shenxiangu.

Olive Tree Minsu
Price: From SGD 112/Night
Address: No. 7-6, si'erfen, 9th Neighborhood, Nanzhuang Township, Miaoli 00353, Taiwan


- BONUS: Chiayi -


12. Alishan 53.1 Homestay


This quaint little homestay is set against the awe-inspiring backdrop of Alishan’s iconic tea plantations, and that’s reason alone to book your stay here! Each guestroom is cosily furnished to exude the feel of a pretty garden tea house, and the common area is filled with quirky trinkets and comfy furniture that’ll make you feel right at home.

Alishan 53.1 Homestay is located along the Eryanping Walking Trail which will take you past beautiful tea plantations and bamboo forests before leading you to the tip where you can admire the sea of clouds beneath you from the viewpoint. The homestay is just a stone’s throw away from cultural attractions such as the historic streets of Fen Chi Hu, and a short bus ride away from the national park.

Alishan 53.1 Homestay
Price: From SGD 120/Night
Address: 602, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Fanlu Township, 公田村第五鄰隙頂76之8号


A Trip to Remember


With all these amazing, affordable homestay places in Taiwan, there’s no reason for you to opt to stay in the usual luxury hotel. The minsu culture in an island nation as friendly as Taiwan is extremely strong, and you can be sure to receive only the best of what Taiwanese hospitality has to offer.

So go forth and explore Taiwan with an open mind, and you’ll soon find yourself being welcomed into the homes and hearts of the locals!

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