There's A Free Food Trail On 30 March With Rainbow Lapis, Nasi Padang, And Nonya Laksa

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On the Red Dot - Heritage Food Trail


traditional food in singapore

#Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe the food scene in Singapore. Whether it’s fresh sashimi or succulent steaks, all you need to make your tongue go “Mr Worldwide” can be found an MRT ride away. But with all these international nosh, it’s easy to forget about the old school cuisine that’s shaped our heritage.

For a jolt to your memory - and taste buds -, take part in On the Red Dot Heritage Food Trail, a free food crawl that’s happening on Friday, 30th March 2018. You’ll savour authentic traditional dishes during this trail - made by eateries, using recipes that have been passed down for many generations. Here are some of the OG restaurants you’ll visit:


Savour authentic Peranakan dishes and kueh at Harrianns


peranakan kuehs in singapore

What started as a simple nonya kueh push-cart in the 1940s, has since transformed into a homely cafe that’s ground zero for affordable-yet-delicious Peranakan fare. At Harrianns, you’ll be served their signature Nonya Laksa with Gravy and Prawns which comes in a rich broth containing blended hae bi (dried shrimps), giving it extra savouriness.

local food with a twist Rainbow Lapis

And if you’re still hungry, reward yourself with a treasure trove of bright and sweet kuehs like Rainbow Lapis, and Kueh Salat.


Indulge in halal Indonesian cuisine at Rumah Makan Minang


authentic indonesian food in singapore

Rumah Makan Minang had its roots as a roadside stall, serving Indonesian dishes, over 70 years ago. After the owner passed away, his legacy and recipes were carried on by his children, and the restaurant is now one of the crown jewels of the Malay Heritage District.

Here, you’ll feast on enak (delicious) food like Brown Rice Ayam Gulai, a sweet curry stew containing a copious amount of chicken, and Sambal Lado Hijau, a slightly spicy chilli relish that pairs well with the dishes here.


Register for the food trail


On The Red Dot Food Trail - RSVP

In an era where popping by the latest pretty cafe ranks high on our to-do list, it’s unsurprising to see more and more of the “original restaurants” squad consigned to the annals of history. So if you’re up for filling your tummies and minds with Singapore food, RSVP for the On the Red Dot Heritage Food Trail, and dapao the knowledge needed to help preserve it.

To get in on this, simply head to Toggle, watch of “Recover A Recipe”, and follow the instructions above. Slots are limited. 

On the Red Dot Heritage Food Trail
Date: Friday, 30th March 2018
Time: 1PM - 6PM
Price: Free


Watch Step Up To The Plate on Channel 5


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Preserving Singapore’s food culture is no easy task as you’ll see in On The Red Dot’s upcoming series, Step Up To The Plate, which will air every Friday, 9.30PM from 6th April 2018.

The show will feature the struggles of 3 local food families as they pass the torch to the next generation while keeping the flames of their business alive in a food scene that’s super competitive.

Hopefully, the show and the trail will pave the way for Singaporeans to rediscover our food culture.

This post was brought to you by Channel 5’s On The Red Dot.

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