7 Lok Lok Places In Singapore So You Need Not Pay Road Charges OTW To JB

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Lok lok places in Singapore


Cheese lok lok 

It’s no secret that the best lok lok stalls are found in travelling vans along the streets of Johor Bahru, which many Singaporeans willingly brave Causeway jams for. But why travel across the border for steamboat on a stick, when you can get it right here in Singapore?

These eateries in Singapore will keep your lok lok cravings at bay - without compromising on taste.


1. JQ Pot


JQ Pot Lok Lok 

If you still haven’t gotten over the melted cheese craze - and we don’t blame you - JQ Pot will intrigue your taste buds with their Cheesy Hotpot ($38), with a free-flow mozzarella and nacho cheese dip to go with 18 lok lok sticks.

JQ Pot Lok Lok 

Cheese and lok lok might sound like a strange combination, but the cheese pairs surprisingly well with the meat! A must-try is their crisp Japanese dried cuttlefish skewers.

JQ Pot Lok Lok 

A small condiment bar serving Thai chilli, ultra spicy chilli and belachan chilli is available for added heat to your lok lok sticks if their fiery satay sauce isn’t spicy enough for you.

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Address: 157 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208529
Opening Hours: Mon-Tues, Thurs: 12-2PM, 6-10PM, Fri-Sun: 6-9PM
Telephone: 8187 9797


2. Zao Lek Lok Lok


Zao Lek Lok Lok 

Paya Lebar Kovan Community Centre is a seemingly ordinary recreational spot, but unbeknownst to many, within its premises also lies Zao Lek Lok Lok, a magnet for rumbling tummies in the evening.

Zao Lek Lok Lok 

Their Lok Lok Buffet ($24) is all about the freedom of customisability. Take your pick from a smorgasbord of over 60 skewers, including pork belly to duck slices and veggies. Cooking methods (boiling/grilling/deep-frying) and sauces can be tailored to suit your palate.

Zao Lek Lok Lok 

You can also choose from carbs like white rice, rice vermicelli or instant noodles, as well as enjoy a free-flow of skewered fruits, ice-cream and fruit drinks.

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Note: Make a reservation before heading down to avoid disappointment! It can get really packed during dinnertime.

Address: 207 Hougang Street 21 Paya Lebar Kovan Community Club Singapore 530207
Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Sun: 5.30PM-11.30PM
Telephone: 62824005


3. Malaysia Local Delights Restaurant


Malaysia Local Delights Restaurant lok lok Singapore 

Buffets are often tagged with a hard to swallow price tag, but Malaysia Local Delights Restaurant’s Lok Lok Buffet ($24.80) with no GST or service charge will give you bang for your buck.

For starters, their 70+ lok lok skewers are not limited to your usual fish cakes or wontons - there’s also fried chicken, deshelled prawns, animal offals and abalone slices! Let your skewers simmer in one of their 8 soup bases - a notable one is the Penang prawn soup, the only one of its kind in Singapore.

Malaysia Local Delights Restaurant lok lok Singapore

Pair your lok lok with a splash of one of their 22 sauces, such as the love-it-or-hate-it cincalok, a paste made from tiny fermented shrimp.

Address: 224 Tanjong Katong Road, Singapore 437014
Opening Hours: 5PM-2AM
Telephone: 6440 8378


4. Chuan Le Xiang Lok Lok


Tweaking the original Malaysian recipe, Chuan Le Xiang Lok Lok’s food is catered to suit our Singaporean palate, with their satay sauce reminiscent of our local stay bee hoon gravy.

Chuan Le Xiang Lok Lok 

Along with our favourite lok lok selections like pork belly, there are over 60 Lok Lok Skewers ($1 per stick) which includes Taiwanese salt and pepper chicken wings and animal innards.

Drench your lok lok skewers in their Yuan Yang Pot ($10) consisting of satay sauce and chicken soup, or the 3-In-1 Pot ($15) with satay sauce, mala and chicken broth.

Address: 23 Neythal Road, MEP canteen, Flurotech building, Singapore 628588
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun: 5.30-11PM
Telephone: 9880 4584


5. Hock Leng Satay Beehoon & Lok Lok


Hock Leng Satay Beehoon & Lok Lok 

Hock Leng Satay Beehoon & Lok Lok is a humble hawker stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre which only offers 2 broths - a clear soup, and satay broth. While this number pales in comparison to other fancier lok lok joints around, what seals the deal for their loyal patrons is their luscious satay sauce which many claim to be the best in Singapore.

Hock Leng Satay Beehoon & Lok Lok 

Address: 51 Old Airport Road #01-141 Old Airport Road Food Centre Singapore 390051
Opening Hours: 2-9PM


6. Lok Pot


Lok Pot 

Tucked in Lucky 5 Coffeeshop, Lok Pot warrants a well-worth 10-minute walk from Bedok MRT.

Lok Pot 

Be spoilt for choice with a range of 5 soup bases: tomato, ma la, tom yum, dried scallop, and herbal chicken. Choose 2 Soup Bases ($3 each, free with purchase of 18 skewers) to pair with their over 80 types of Skewers ($1-8 per stick) that can be barbecued, fried or boiled.

Lok Pot 

Their fried skewers boast a crispy exterior, garnished with a mixture of salt, white pepper, garlic powder, chilli powder, and seaweed powder.

Lok Pot 

As for their barbecued skewers, they’re doused in sweet chilli sauce with a sprinkle of spices such as fennel seeds, cumin and oregano for an extra kick.

Address: 416 Bedok North Avenue 2, #01-53, Singapore 461116
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs, Sun: 4PM-12AM, Fri-Sat: 4PM-1AM
Telephone: 6445 8887


7. Tian Fu Hong Kong Steamboat Restaurant


Tian Fu Hong Kong Steamboat Restaurant 

Tian Fu Hong Kong Steamboat Restaurant 

Defying the conventional steamboat-on-a-stick appearance, Tian Fu Hong Kong Steamboat Restaurant’s version of lok lok presents your typical steamboat ingredients (from $4) in a bath of their signature House Special Satay Soup ($10).

Tian Fu Hong Kong Steamboat Restaurant 

A must-try is their house special, the US Kurobuta Pork ($15) which is beautifully marbled and robust in flavour.

Address: 214 Tanjong Katong Road Singapore 437007
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 5PM-1AM, Sat-Sun: 1PM-1AM
Telephone: 6345 9272


Best lok lok joints in Singapore


It's safe to say that Malaysia is a clear winner when it comes to lok lok since it originated in Penang. But don’t underestimate our local lok lok stalls as they’re worthy contenders too. The next time you’re craving a warm and conforting supper, jio your makan kakis for a lok lok feast!

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