Nuvo's Bottomless Prosecco 44 dollar Brunch

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About Nuvo


Marina Square has recently revamped itself with a new gourmet wing, where several restaurants with novel concepts have erupted. It becomes clear Marina Square has taken great care in selecting its tenants, because you will not find large chain restaurants in this wing.

I recently brought my date to the Prosecco buffet brunch (SGD$40++ per pax) at Nuvo, a new promising restaurant tucked at the very end of the wing. Access to the restaurant is also possible via the scenic boardwalk along building.

Nuvo prides itself as a contemporary Italian-Japanese fusion restaurant. Helmed by Chef Mark Richards of Keystone Restaurant fame, the creativity of Chef Richards is unleashed in Nuvo. Lunch features exciting dishes such as Smoked Uni Carbonara and the Kurubuta Pork Belly, and dinner atmosphere is lit up with an assortment of cocktails and an extensive wine list.

However, we are here for brunch today, which is served every weekend from 11:30am to 2:30pm.


Nuvo's Bottomless Prosecco Brunch


Being tucked in the corner of the gourmet wing, the place is quiet. We were the first customers but other patrons appeared shortly after. At least 5 tables were reserved, so reservations are recommended.

The restaurant is not elaborately finished, but good enough to provide some atmosphere, with its wall-drawn columns and soft lighting. We started with the obligatory Prosecco. It was sufficiently light and bubbly. It may not be the best, but it certainly was enough to establish an appetite.

First up, we had the Glazed Ham Pizza and the Yakitori Platter. The pizza, more commonly known locally as the “Hawaiian pizza”, was unsurprising, catering to diners with a sweet carnivorous tooth.


The Yakitori platter took an early lead, with its juicy and succulent meat. Of course, the tare sauce (typically made up of mirin, soy sauce and sugar) tasted much lighter than other Yakitori restaurants you may find in Singapore. But with the tender meats, the light flavour became a perfect complement.

The platter comes as a small plate to share with 4 sticks (pork with tomatoes, veggie stack, chicken with mushroom and seafood with red pepper) that wasn't too heavy and well-balanced in terms of flavour.


Our second order was the Chicken karrage, Wasabi cream pizza, and this is easily another winner. The chicken karrage was crispy without being oily, and the wasabi cream was a good match for the pizza. Overall, this is fusion worked for us but some patrons may find the deep-fried chicken and mayonnaise-like cream a little heavy.


My date switched the Prosecco for a Mimosa, champagne mixed with orange juice. This is a common brunch drink made famous by party-revelers nursing hangovers. While I would not encourage its use as a solution to that annoying hangover, it proved to be remarkably refreshing. 

Next up, we had 2 pastas, the smoked salami carbonara and the Niku Dango. The Niku Dango was disappointing, tasting more Indian than either Japanese or Italian. What seemed to be curry spices overpowered the “meatballs” - which was supposed to be the star of the dish, and the curry spices failed to seep into the fettuccine to create the character this dish badly needed.


However, the carbonara managed to reverse the fortune and was the third challenger for the throne that day. It was interesting to feature conchiglie as a carbonara dish but cream-lovers will realize that the ability to have a well of cream in every spoonful is to die for (think pasta with a cream filled-centre).

The cream sauce was very Japanese-Italian fusion with a perfect blend of creamy flavor without being overpowering and the addition of Furikake (Japanese seasoning) added another interesting element to its flavour profile.

Overall, a great dish though the smoked salami, though flavourful and should have been the draw, did not quite stand out and could have been easily mistaken for bacon or ham, should it have not been pointed out in the menu.





At the end of the brunch, my date and I both agreed the clear winning dish was the Yakitori platter, and we ordered another serving. In a bottomless Prosecco brunch, the dish that complements the slightly dry Prosecco is undoubtedly the sweet grills which do not fill you up but have you craving for more.

A recommend the progression of courses for this brunch is:

  1. Starting with mimosas (with the pizzas if you are big eaters, if not the drink alone is an easy start),
  2. The first prosecco with the yakitori
  3. The carbonara or the angel hair pasta which we failed to try but was also a popular favorite that day.
  4. Additionally, the restaurant also offers “add-ons” in the form of desserts from S$3 to S$8.

Getting to Nuvo



If the brunch caught your attention, then you may wish to consider the Bottomless Pizza & Champagne Cocktails, available 5pm – 8:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturdays, they serve Sliders and Beer at the same time of 5pm – 8:30pm for that perfect wind down TGIF session.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, #02-100, Singapore 039594
Reservations: 6822 2098
Official Website: .

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