Swissbake's Star Wars Brownie Box Sets Will Up Your Potluck Game This Xmas

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Star Wars themed Christmas goodies


Since the release of the recent Star Wars saga, everyone’s love for the sci-fi franchise has been - pun intended - awakened. So in the spirit of Christmas, fans of the legendary saga can look forward to Swissbake’s Star Wars brownie box sets, which'll be an awesome addition to any Christmas potluck or gift exchange. 

Whether you’re #teamjedi or a Sith following the dark side of the force, Swissbake has got you covered with their range of stunning Star Wars sweet treats, alongside their best-selling classic Christmas desserts. 


Star Wars brownie boxes


Swissbake Star Wars Brownie Box Sets

Great on any Christmas dining table or as a present are these Star Wars brownies ($19.90 for three pieces). Attractively packaged in boxes featuring characters from the original trilogy, these eye-catching boxes will be a hit among fans. Seriously, I was given six boxes but all of them were already choped by my Star Wars crazy colleagues the moment they arrived. And even if you’re not a fan, the brownies are too mouthwateringly good to pass off.

Darth Vader™ Dark Chocolate Brownie

The Darth Vader™ Dark Chocolate Brownie is your everyday fudgy brownie. Made with 70% dark chocolate and flecked with chocolate chips and walnuts, this treat was wiped out within seconds.

Stormtrooper™ White Chocolate Browni

Indulge in the Stormtrooper™ White Chocolate Brownie if you’re more of a white choc kinda person. The chewy, thick cake was given an extra dimension in texture thanks to the speckle of white chocolate chips and crushed walnuts. 

Chewbacca™ Mocha Brownie

Coffee and chocolate form a perfect marriage, and the Chewbacca™ Mocha Brownie was one of our favourites. Each bite delivers an aromatic coffee tang, which helps enliven the rich chocolate flavour. 

C-3PO™ Orange Chocolate Brownie

Even though we were initially quite apprehensive towards the C-3PO™ Orange Chocolate Brownie, it turned out to be a delight with its bright and zesty taste from the citrus peel. 

Yoda™ Green Tea Chocolate Brownie

Those mad about matcha will enjoy the Yoda™ Green Tea Chocolate Brownie, which comes dotted with white chocolate and crushed walnuts. The zing of floral jasmine notes from the matcha was not too overpowering and gave the brownie a nice bittersweetness. 

Princess Leia™ Red Velvet Brownie

Those who prefer their brownies not to be too "fudgy" must try the Princess Leia™ Red Velvet Brownie that’s made with 58% dark chocolate and crushed walnuts.

Assorted Brownies

If they all sound too good and you can’t decide which flavour to settle on for, simply order their Assorted Brownies ($36.90), which comes packed with all six flavours allowing you to get the best of everything!


Gingerbread cookies


Chewbecca™ Gingerbread Cookie

We were gushing over Swissbake’s super cute Chewbecca™ Gingerbread Cookie ($5.90 per piece). Flavoured with ginger root, the cookie only had a mild hint of spice, making it palatable for younger ones. We love that it was not hard to bite and had a nice chewie centre - a rarity among gingerbread cookies these days. Be sure to order extras, as I’m certain friends will want to bring home a piece for keepsakes; I know I did!

If you’re not a fan of the Wookiee warrior and rather something more traditional, Swissbake also sells good ‘ol Gingerbread Boy and Girl ($4.90 per piece) cookies too!


Swissbake’s classic range


White Chocolate Raspberry Log Cake

The Yule Log is the quintessential Christmas cake. Promising to make an impression with your friends is Swissbake’s White Chocolate Raspberry Log Cake ($59). The luxurious treat was a heavenly combination - it was moist yet not heavy, and the milky sweetness from the white chocolate was balanced off by the tart raspberry coulis. We love how it didn’t make us feel jelak, making a great last course after all the festive feasting. 

Traditional Swiss Christmas Fruit Cake

I know most of us younger gen don’t really fancy fruitcake - they are always either too dry or soaked in sweet syrup. But Swissbake’s Traditional Swiss Christmas Fruit Cake ($29) might make you understand why this Christmas treat is a favourite among the older folks. 

We could literally smell the fragrant spices of the iconic festive item when we opened the box, even though it came tightly packaged in cling wrap. Decadent and dense, this non-alcoholic cake was crowned with a range of candied fruits and walnuts and packed with sultanas and raisins. It was sticky, fruity and as scrumptious as can be. 

Traditional Christmas Stollen

I used to think Stollen - German’s version of the fruit cake - was just a dry piece of decorated bread, until I had Swissbake’s Traditional Christmas Stollen ($29). Covered in icing sugar, this German delicacy is similar to the traditional fruitcake and is also filled with raisins, citrus peel and almonds, but it doesn’t go through a soaking process and is less dense than the latter.

The flavours are also less intense and rich. There was a good ratio of candied fruits to crumb, ensuring each bite delivers a mouthful of citrusy, fruity delight. The stollen reminded me of my favourite glazed donuts and is something I would have for breakfast, tea and dessert. 


Celebrate Christmas with Swissbake


Celebrate Christmas with Swissbake

brings to you a slice of Christmas magic through their array of scrumptious festive goodies. Perfect for potluck or even as a Christmas gift, their Star Wars brownies and traditional desserts are slated to be loved by both young and old alike! 

These Star Wars brownie box sets and classic Christmas range are available at all , as well as retail outlets sitting within Cold Storage or Marketplace. Alternatively, skip the Christmas crowd and order them online at .

Be sure to check out Swissbake on and for more information. 

Swissbake is a halal-certified establishment.

This post was brought to you by Swissbake.

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