6 Blind Spots That Will Sabotage Your #Fitspo Healthy Eating Efforts To Zero

healthy eating traps
Healthy eating tips   The #fitspo struggle is real. Giving up your favourite foods, counting calories and even - gasp - exercising. But even worse than the struggle is the realization that all your efforts were for naught.  Whether it’s chewing on the wrong type of salad or going on...
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Studying In Australia VS USA - A Comparison Guide Of Food, Transport, Tuition & Lodging Expenses For Singaporeans

Cost of living: Australia vs USA
Cost of living: Australia vs USA   If you’re dreaming of studying overseas , you’re not alone. With four seasons - if you’re lucky -, international friends and never-ending travel opportunities, your school years would seem more like an extended holiday. But preparing for an education abroad involves so much...
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5 High-Priority Things Singaporeans Can Do For A Headstart Before Studying In Australia

University pre-departure guide   Freshies, we've already got you covered with our lowdown on university hacks and survival guide to living in Australia - but we gotta make sure you have the pre-departure prep down pat too. To give you a little nudge in the right direction, here are 5...
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