10 Popular Retirement Cities Among Singaporeans & Their Restrictions As Of 2018

Chinalife - retire in Bali
Top places to retire overseas   It’s always good to plan ahead, and the same thing goes for retirement, especially if you’ve got plans to spend it in a far-flung country away from our clustered city. If you’re already looking for ideas of where to live in your silver years,...
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8 Destinations For Warm-up Honeymoons From $162 Before The Real Thing

Cheap couple vacations in Asia
Couple vacations for pre-honeymoons   There are 3 types of people in their mid-twenties: 1) single, 2) has a prospective partner with plans to marry, or 3) married. For those in the second category, you’re probably saving up for the BIG day. Whether for BTO, wedding preparations or a honeymoon,...
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10 Places Nearest To Singapore For Extraordinary Encounters With Wild Dolphins

Chasing Dolphins at Lovina Beach
Swim into the crib of wild dolphins    Source:  @budi_chandra87 Fun fact: Dolphins aren’t the smartest animals in the world. We humans are.  But what we don’t have is a home covering more than two-thirds of the globe. Which means there’s room for these extremely social creatures to swim in...
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Waterbom Bali - The Most Extreme Waterpark in Asia Just Got Better

Ready, Set anddd WHOOOSH!!   Credit: Waterbom Bali Theme park lovers have Six Flags in America on their bucket lists, with rides there that will reduce the bravest of thrill seekers to jelly. Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Superman: Escape from Krypton, among other rides, have reached mythical status, attracting...
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14 Secret Places To Explore in Bali And Travel Like Never Before

The Secret Side of Bali   We know of Bali as a beach haven, a place for rest, relaxation and a great tan. But few people know the hidden side of Bali, the places that will take your travel adventures to the next level. If you don’t experience the extraordinary,...
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19 Ultra-Luxurious Hotel Getaways Near Singapore Under $200

Live like royalty under SGD$200 a night   The travel experience might include going out on the road, shopping, eating and other activities, but we can’t forget about our homes away from home - the hotels. Good or bad, hotels are an essential part of our travels. A good one...
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50 Unbelievable Things To Do in Bali - The Best Sights, Food And Places To Visit

Things To Do In Bali   Before I visited Bali, I thought that all there was to do in Bali was go to the beach, and I'd ignorantly think to myself, "Whatever, I can just go to Sentosa." And to past me, I say, "You have no idea what you're...
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15 Insane Cafes That Prove Bali Has The Best Cafes In The Universe

The Ultimate Guide to Cafes in Bali   Bali - land of pristine beaches, expansive paddy fields and glorious Indonesian food. But when it comes to dining, it turns out Nasi Goreng and Babi Guling aren’t the only things you should be tucking into! Don’t get us wrong - these...
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Watch Bellywellyjelly Climb An Active Volcano In Bali! - PrettySmart Episode 22

PrettySmart Takes Over Mount Batur   Ever wondered how rolling out of bed at 1 a.m. to gear up for a mountain hike in Bali would feel? In this episode, follow Christabel as she takes you on a hike up Mount Batur, an active volcano standing at 1717 metres above...
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10 Secrets Learned At Club Med Bali - An Inside Look At The Club Med Experience

Club Med Bali   When I was growing up, I always thought of Club Med as an exclusive paradise that the rich people went to. Maybe it was because my Dad had this uber rich friend, and all he did was to go on Club Med holidays. He had this grin...
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