Youth Corps Service Week Has 8 Days Of Volunteering Activities For Millennials Who've Always Wanted To Get Started

Youth Corps Service Week 2018   Image adapted from: Youth Corps Singapore As millennials, we’re often called the “strawberry generation” who care very little about contributing to society. In fact, it’s the opposite that’s often true. While we do want to help, we’re stuck in a “paradox of choice” with...
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3 Singaporeans With Disabilities Talk About Their Friendships And The Result Is Warmer Than Your Grandmother's Soup

NCSS See the true me campaign
Befriending Singaporeans with disabilities   I once had a classmate with Asperger’s Syndrome, and I made the effort to reach out to her in class, whenever she needed help. After school, however, I never made the initiative to truly connect with her. We’ve since graduated and parted ways. Till today,...
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