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Fatboy's the Burger Bar brings the Burger evolution to a new level with its Burger Bar menu where you can build-your-own burger anyhow and anyway you want it. Choose from a list of buns, patties, cheeses, add-ons and sauces and your burger will be cooked to order! Plus there's a fat list of our Specially created burgers and other comfort food too! Fatboy's also offers an excellent venue for friendly gatherings and a chilled enviroment where we don't fuss about who you are or what you wear. Pop by in and enjoy comfort food like no other.

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From left: Bleu Peppercorn & The Elvis
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Those calories are totally WORTH IT.

I’ve been to Fat Boy’s a couple of times, and I always look forward to my next visit. I love the atmosphere at Fat Boy’s. Everyone who enters Fat Boy’s are there with one goal - to shamelessly pile on those calories with all the burgers, fries and shakes.

The burgers are the bomb at Fat Boy’s. They are so big, the patty is fat and juicy, and the tomatoes give it an extra crunch and tangy flavour. It’s tough for me to fit the burger into my mouth as it is simply too huge and the cheese dribbles everywhere. I love how you also customise your own burger. The cheese, patty, vegetables,, sauce, bun, everything is up to you. And oh, the milkshake are to die for. AND, they are customisable too. Peanut Butter is usually one of my ingredients every time because peanut butter and milkshake just spells fabulous.

Fat Boy’s burgers are guaranteed to make you full. Full of guilt and calories but 100% satisfaction.

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Get fat with FatBoys

Fat Boys kinda lives up to its name, serving irresistible comfort food that will make you put on the pounds real fast. Some of the outlets are also open 24 hours, so you can get you junk food fix any time.

Their most unique thing the where you get to build your own burger. I know nowadays you can do that at McDonalds too, but Fat Boys just does it way better. They have so many types of ingredients I hardly know where to start. I almost always add pineapple to my burger though, it just goes well with any burger.

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Burgers & Booze with Friends

This is my ultimate dinner spot when I’m out for dinner with my guy friends. We head over to Fat Boys, load up on burgers and beer, and spend the night just laughing and catching up.
My favourite burger here is the Swiss Shroom. At $13, it comes with a delicious beef patty, gooey swiss cheese, delicious garlic aioli and sautéed Shitake mushrooms, accompanied by thick-cut fries and some lettuce and tomatoes. The beef patty is juicy, and what I like to do is use my fries to mop up any leftover juices that drip down. You can also choose to build your own burger, with any toppings and fillings to suit your fancy.
The atmosphere is great for hanging out with friends and chilling, and it’s also pretty family friendly! My friends and I can sit there for hours, lingering over booze and burgers, and we’ve got plenty of fond memories there.

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Mah FAVE Burger Bar!

It's been said many times, but needs to be said again: the burgers here are soooo GOOD. I've never tried the Fat Basterd for fear that I won't be able to finish it, so I always go for the Wimpy and it's just ohmygod amazing.

Not only is the food amazing, they play great music in their diner, which is a rarity these days. Old is gold and they play all the old hits from Elvis to The Beatles and every time I'm there I just enjoy myself that much more because of it.

Service is also good with extremely friendly staff. Sometimes they don't look approachable but they're really all wonderful people. I have nothing bad to say about this place.

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Do not dismiss their burgers as just being burgers. I think it's one of the most value-for-money burger bars that I've been to. Their burgers are stacked. You might hate yourself after having one but I hope you don't anyway. I don't remember paying service charge and all that jazz, so that's a plus point for me.

Their stand-outs here are the Fat Basterd ($19.90). It comes with double patties, bacon, cheese, eggs... you get how sinful this is. For the less adventurous, you can choose the Wimpy ($14.90). It is half the burger that Fat Basterd is, but definitely more achievable in terms of finishing your food. I especially like their Mozzarella Cheese Sticks ($10.00) as well. The Country Fried Steak ($18.80) is something we don't see very often in Singapore as well. The steak is coated and then fried, which I think might have undermined the juiciness of the beef. An interesting dish, all the same.

If you're heading down for late dinners, don't miss their promotion, where you can get a pint of Stella Artois or Hoegaarden at $10 each. I would usually try to head there for late dinners so that I can stay till they serve 'em cheap pints of beer.

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Real Burgers for a Fantastic Price

Burgers used to be just burgers to me. A meat patty slapped onto the bottom bun, with tons of sauces and limp vegetables laid on top, which is followed by another soggy bun.
Eating at Fat Boys has changed my view on burgers totally.

When my desired choice came, the buns were light and fluffy, meat was cooked to perfection, and vegetables were crisp and sweet. The fries that came with the burger were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, lightly salted and delicious.

Price wise, it can be a little expensive, but for the quality you get, it's worth it. The environment provided is warm and friendly, perfect for families or even dates. When I was there, I observed a good mix of families and teenagers at the burger bar. There were even some people on dates!

All in all, a very good experience coupled with great food and awesome company. Couldn't have asked for more!

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Juicy beef patties!

SO much love for their beef patties!

Patronized this little store located along Upper Thomson under a friend's request and I wasn't the least bit disappointed! It looks like a pub from the outside with its dim interior which therefore provides a relaxing atmosphere for that relaxing evening dinner.

I like that we're able to customize our burgers to our liking, for everyone has different preferences. For e.g: The fillings we'd like to add or remove, the sauce we prefer etc. The staff was also very patient in attending to our requests.

The portions when served gave me quite the shock. It was a real big plate; a big burger and loads of piled up fries. That definitely is value for money but for people with smaller appetites, you might want to consider sharing!

I had the Fat Basterd and loved how the beef is done to perfection. Medium well as preset. It was juicy without being bloody and complemented the cheese and egg so well!

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Build Your Own Burger!

Fatboys really live up to its name - its pretty much impossible to stay skinny here. The food comes in gigantic servings! My burger was so huge, I had to resort to using a knife and fork to break it up into little pieces before eating it.

Each burger comes with a side of veggies and fries, and I couldn't finish everything. Taste wise, the food is decent, though I would still maintain that The Burger Shack has the best tasting burgers I've ever eaten.

The best part of Fatboys is that they allow you to customise your own burger, from the type of bun, to which meat, to countless different types of toppings and sauces. Though customising your own burger would be more expensive than ordering their standard items, it makes for a unique dining experience!

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Ginormous servings

I pride myself on being a big eater, and make it a point to finish whatever is on my plate. On several occasions, I had to concede defeat to Fatboy's Burgers. The first time I went, being gungho and all, I ordered one of their double patty burgers thinking, how hard can it be?

I gave up by the time I was two-thirds through. So my advice: enjoy your meal and order their regular items. You'll still be full but not to the point where your stomach hurts. I don't have a personal favourite, but I highly recommend you order the Mac 'n Cheese and share it with a friend to complement your burger.

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Value for Money Burgers

Fat Boys at Upper Thomson is located quite prominently just cross the road from Long House. The place is usually crowded at night.

I like the place for it's value-for-money burgers. There is no GST charged for your meals. I tried the Bleu Peppercorn, the Elvis and the Royale with Cheese burgers before. The beef for the Bleu Peppercorn is decent. The blue cheese of the burger offers a different taste to the usual. If you are looking for something thick with flavour, you should try the Elvis. The combination of the pork patty, the peanut butter as well as the banana may turn out pretty dry, but it tastes good and gives you an energy boost. The Royale with Cheese was okay, the highlight being the cheese melts in your mouth.

You can help yourself to as many glasses of water you want as well (those who ate the Elvis will need it). The service is decent, considering that they do not have service charges.

All in all, a decent place to chill and have value-for-money burgers.

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From left: Bleu Peppercorn & The Elvis
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