15 Singapore Homes so beautiful you won't believe they’re HDB flats

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 Who says your HDB flat can't be beautiful?


On our sunny little island, we have a joke that says the worth of our homes is measured by the distance of the gate from our house. The longer the distance, the higher it's value. This means that HDBs flats are at the bottom of the list, since our gates are literally at our doorsteps.

Well I say most of us have a terrible misconception that HDB flats are ugly. HDB flats may be the most affordable option for most of us, but that does not mean our homes can't be gorgeous. In fact, some of the loveliest homes I have seen are HDB flats! Therefore, it ultimately comes down to what you make of your home.

Young couples, new owners and those seeking new ideas to transform their flat, look no more. We have compiled a list of unbelievably beautiful HDB homes to give you inspiration for your future dream home. We've also found the interior designers responsible for these makeovers and listed them so you can easily contact and get something similar for yourself.

And to those naysayers, just scroll down. You'll be amazed.


1. Studio Apartment Style



We've all hoped to experience living in a studio apartment at one point of our lives. Why not model your home after it? 

Interior Design by: 


2. The Minimalist



This minimalist design is enhanced by the uneven-toned cement screed floor, which provides an edgy feel to the place. Sometimes, it may be good to keep things simple.

Interior Design by:


3. Swedish Inspired



You don't need walls to demarcate the spaces - changing the colors of the flooring will do. Don't hide the water pipes, make it part of the design instead. Add in a quirky bookshelf.

You'll get yourself a stylish home.

Interor Design by:


4. Open Dining Concept




This open dining concept certainly creates an airy and carefree atmosphere. It can make a tiny space seem bigger than it really is.

Interior Design by:


5. Dare to be Different



Your walls don't have to be plain old boring colours. Add your personal flavour to it, do something fun.

Interior Design by:


6. Modern Minimalist-Industrialist



The design is simple, but it makes for a chic and cozy home. 

 Interior Design by: 


 7. Monochrome



Go black-and-white. Styling your home in monochrome can also exude simplicity and elegance.

Interior Design by: 


8. Go Green



Those with a green thumb, why not consider having a garden in your place? 

Interior Design by: 


9. Open Concept



This absolutely gorgeous home has the living area replaced by the kitchen, which gives it the advantage of better air and light flow.

Interior Design by:


10. Continuous Console



I can't deny that hacking walls to accommodate a continuous console is becoming increasingly popular. You can have open living areas and bedrooms, and you can even change the main door to a design of your liking. 

Looks like a condominium, doesn't it?

Interior Design by: 


11. Luxury



Prefer a more luxurious edge to your home? It's not impossible, too.

Interior Design by:


12. Adorable and Quaint



Dear newly-wed couples, you truly can turn your compact place into a mini heaven. Just look at the chic and charming little flat above!

Interior Design by:


13. Modern



This modern home has a zesty touch of freshness and style, suitable for young families.

Interior Design by: 


14. Nautical Theme




I'm sure we all remember the hype about Xiaxue's new house. Well, it just goes to show that HDB flats can be transformed into anyone's dream home, as long as you are willing to put in the effort.


15. Cafe Inspired



Finally, cool and quaint little cafes are the in thing now. Cafe hopping has become a hobby. Why not bring the cafe home?




This list is not exhaustive - there are so many cool and innovative ways you can design your place. It doesn't matter if you live in a mansion, a terrace, a condominium or a flat. Even if you're staying in a HDB flat, this article is proof that you can easily make your home gorgeous. Design is a wonderful thing.

Everyone deserves a beautiful home. Make it happen.

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